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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Current Handset - Band and Technology Report

AllNet Labs is pleased to announce the availability of the AllNet Labs Current Handset - Band and Technology Report.  In this report, we have consolidated technology, operating system, and spectrum band support for each of the National and Regional Wireless Carriers.  This report assists the reader in understanding the network compatibility and international roaming capability for the current Smartphone devices.  In addition, the reader can see technology trends developing, such as USCellular beginning to adopt LTE in Band 12 and Sprint enabling LTE in Band 13 (to match Verizon) and Band 25.  Band 25 is the expanded PCS spectrum band which includes the G block frequencies Sprint received from the FCC during the Public Safety interference negotiations.  It is also worth noting that Sprint is not including WiMax in its only LTE handset, thus their customers will lack 4G coverage with that device in markets where they have used WiMax, until LTE is deployed during 2012 and 2013.

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