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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Verizon Wireless AWS Spectrum Holdings by Market

With the conclusion of Verizon's investor call, I thought it would be worthwhile putting together some facts behind Verizon's statement that they have accumlulated 40MHz or more AWS spectrum in 92 of the Top 100 markets.  Unfortunately, they don't define the markets, but from AllNet's Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool, we have compiled Verizon's AWS spectrum holdings based upon CMA markets.  The markets below 40 MHz include:  San Juan, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Oklahoma City, McAllen, Springfield, and the New Jersey 2 market.  This matches Verizon's statement of 40MHz of AWS spectrum in 92 of the Top 100 markets.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Channel 51 - Lansing MI

Yesterday, the FCC approved a Channel 51 transition in Lansing, MI.  The movement of this TV station from Channel 51  to Channel 25, will eliminate the adjacent channel interference risk to T-Mobile's 700MHz A-Block spectrum in Detroit.  Below is a listing of the currently filed Channel 51 transitions.  Each of the Daily Digest dates is linked to the filed information.

Final Daily           DigestInitial Daily          Digest          MarketCall SignCurrent 
12/13/2013Oklahoma City, OKKSBI(TV)    51    23
9/4/2014Rome, GAWPXA(TV)    51    31
9/4/2014Kansas City, MOKPXE-TV    51    30
12/23/20149/18/2014Dayton, OHWKEF(TV)    51    18
12/16/201410/17/2014Denver, COKCEC(TV)    51    26
12/8/2014Longview, TXKCEB    51    26
2/11/2015           1/7/2015            Lansing, MI                          WLAJ-TV                  51                 25                         
AllNet's Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool has incorporated the Channel 51 interference issue into our Spectrum Grid module.  From this module, you can see the 700MHz A-Block owner and an indication of whether Channel 51 is licensed in that particular county.  Green highlights over the Channel 51 call sign indicate that a transition plan has been approved, yellow highlights indicate that a transition plan has been filed, and red highlights indicate the markets where interference issues will persist.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Increased Spectrum Depth - Top 100 Markets

For the next four days we will be posting a map each day for one of the national spectrum holders that indicates the amount of spectrum they are adding to their spectrum holdings in the Top 100 Cellular Market Areas.  The primary source of the additions on these maps are the AWS-3 spectrum licenses although other proposed (FCC filed) transactions are included.  For T-Mobile below, the additional spectrum depth in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland relates to a 700MHz A-block acquisition from Vulcan while the Pittsburgh market reflects both a 700MHz A-block acquisition (from McBride) and a AWS-3 H block acquisition via the auction.

Friday, February 6, 2015

US - Carrier Aggregation Plans

In the charts below, we present the current carrier aggregation plans for AT&T, Verizon, USCellular, Dish, T-Mobile, and Sprint.  Green indicates that particular frequency block is used one time in the aggregation scheme.  Yellow indicates that particular frequency block is used twice in the aggregation scheme.  For both the green and yellow highlights, only one carrier can be utilized in each frequency block.  The blue highlights indicate that multiple carriers can be utilized in each frequency block (non contiguous).






 US Cellular

Monday, February 2, 2015

AWS-3 Auction Results - Spectrum Grid

AllNet's Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool has been updated to include all of the AWS-3 auction results in all of its Analysis Modules.  Below in the Spectrum Grid Module, you can see which carrier acquired the spectrum rights for each  of the uplink channels in the Top 5 CMA markets.

The screenshot of the downlink channels also provides a view into where Dish's AWS-4 spectrum fits with their new AWS-3 spectrum.