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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Webcast: Spectrum Update - Broadcast and Whitespace Auctions

Below is a link to an Investor's Presentation provided by AllNet Labs on the upcoming Broadcast Incentive Auctions and Whitespace Spectrum.

Audio and Slide Presentation

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Presentation Outline


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  • ›       Preliminary Spectrum Availability

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Whitespace and Broadcast Spectrum Clarification

It appears that there is confusion between Whitespace spectrum and the Broadcast Spectrum Auction.  As I reviewed the Broadcast Incentive Auction Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, I decided to sort these two issues out.

The Whitespace spectrum proceeding allows new devices to use the UHF and VHF bands if they have the on-board intelligence to determine what Broadcast TV channels operate in a market area and tune to unused (non-interfering) channels.  These devices must be able to determine their location and communicate with a host that will indicate the 'open' channels for their location.    For the UHF frequency band, the whitespace spectrum is defined to cover 470MHz to 698MHz.

The spectrum that the FCC is attempting to clear for the Broadband Incentive Auction is from 572MHz to 698MHz, which would reduce the spectrum band available for Whitespace operation to the VHF band, and 470MHz to 572MHz.

In addition, once the broadcast spectrum is repacked, the whitespace database administrators will need to update their broadcast records, for the broadcast operations that have shifted into the lower UHF band or the VHF band.

To state it another way, Whitespace Spectrum is multi-use spectrum while the Broadcast Incentive Spectrum  is targeted for wireless carrier exclusive use.

Has anyone begun to hear of companies using the Whitespace technology commercially?