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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Channel 51 - Lansing MI

Yesterday, the FCC approved a Channel 51 transition in Lansing, MI.  The movement of this TV station from Channel 51  to Channel 25, will eliminate the adjacent channel interference risk to T-Mobile's 700MHz A-Block spectrum in Detroit.  Below is a listing of the currently filed Channel 51 transitions.  Each of the Daily Digest dates is linked to the filed information.

Final Daily           DigestInitial Daily          Digest          MarketCall SignCurrent 
12/13/2013Oklahoma City, OKKSBI(TV)    51    23
9/4/2014Rome, GAWPXA(TV)    51    31
9/4/2014Kansas City, MOKPXE-TV    51    30
12/23/20149/18/2014Dayton, OHWKEF(TV)    51    18
12/16/201410/17/2014Denver, COKCEC(TV)    51    26
12/8/2014Longview, TXKCEB    51    26
2/11/2015           1/7/2015            Lansing, MI                          WLAJ-TV                  51                 25                         
AllNet's Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool has incorporated the Channel 51 interference issue into our Spectrum Grid module.  From this module, you can see the 700MHz A-Block owner and an indication of whether Channel 51 is licensed in that particular county.  Green highlights over the Channel 51 call sign indicate that a transition plan has been approved, yellow highlights indicate that a transition plan has been filed, and red highlights indicate the markets where interference issues will persist.

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